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Mahindra XUV 500 Performance Upgrade Kit 2011-2021 - Rear Shocks Absorbers And Front Strut Assembly Shock Absorber With Coil Spring

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  • Product By - ARC Suspension
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  • Get Air Suspension feel with ARC suspension.
  • Custom designed specifically for every vehicle individually.


  • Increased Stability even at high speeds and tricky terrain.
  • Better Acceleration.
  • Increased Traction and grip
  • Reduced Shakiness on Steering wheel.
  • Reduced bodyroll/sway by reducing unnecessary upward movement, which creates bumpy/bouncy ride conditions.
  • Enhanced Breaking - Prevents uneven braking even in emergency situations. Skidding while braking will reduce and increased steering control. Vehicle will stop in less time and distance.
  • Brake efficiency will increase making brake pads last longer.
  • Tyre life shall increase drastically. Uneven caster/camber wear and tear will reduce.
  • Specially designed and tuned to withstand Indian Road conditions while providing optimum comfort.


  • Elder family members will have better experience, as back-pain will reduce due to better cabin balance.
  • Reduced Interior noises, over time your interior parts develop a play due to unfiltered vibrations resonating directly in the cabin.
  • Vomiting and motion sickness will reduce a lot for those who can not withstand travelling longer distances.
  • Passengers will be able to sleep better.
  • Women in pregnancy will have more ease while travelling.
  • Better suspension will have you drive at high speeds without feeling the vibrations.
  • Fun Fact - Our Customers have broken speed limits unknowingly after installing our suspensions. High Speed will be less felt.


  • Any Local mechanic/workshop can do the replacement.
  • If they know how to change Stock Parts, they can do it.
  • Also we provide after sales assistance if any installer needs any help knowing how to fit.
  • All you have to do is, take the package we send you to your preferred installer. Your Job is DONE.
  • High Quality shocker Bushings included with the kit to ensure customers don't have to go and find any parts.


  • Shock Absorbers 40,000km/1Year , Composite Leaf Springs 1,00,000km/1year
  • Do Not worry about the life of the product, we have literally driven around like a maniac while testing the product. Our Suspensions will not hurt any adrenaline lovers.
  • Tried and Tested by ARC in rough driving conditions, So you can drive without any worries over any types of roads with complete confidence.

In conclusion, ARC suspension offers a custom-designed solution for enhanced stability, performance, and comfort on the road. With improved acceleration, traction, and braking, as well as reduced body roll and interior noise, ARC suspension provides a smoother and more enjoyable driving experience. Installation is easy and convenient, and the product comes with a comprehensive warranty. Upgrade your vehicle with ARC suspension and experience the difference for yourself.


Variant 2011-2021 Rear Shocks & Front Full Assembly

Customer Review

By Miya 14 Jan 2023
Worth the Money
Fitment took few hours, fits same as OEM> I saw the change right when i exited the garage, Loving my XUV 500. Never knew the real Experience before i had this done. Thank you ARC Team. <3
1 Reviews

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