ARC Verna Shock Absorber Suspension - Customer Review

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  • Posted By : Mr. Chinmay Nagarkar

Review After Installation-


This is my report or review about the ARC Shocks fitted in my Verna Fluidic.I purchased the fluidic verna in 2013 but sadly after few days of driving it I came to know about the suspension problem of verna they were too soft especially the rear suspension. Which resulted in suspension bottoming, thud sound,lack of stability at high speed, nose dive, body roll, as well as uneasy steering movements while cornering it. So I went to Hyundai authorised service centre they changed my lousy soft spring with modified coil spring launched by hyundai at 2014 under warranty. Which was little bit stiffer. I got better stability than before but handling was not according to my expectations also the bottoming was reduced but not eliminated, body roll also reduced but not eliminated.

          Now, Couple of months before I came to know about ARC shocks manufactured at Ichalkaranji. I called and came in contact with Mr. Deepak Pawar sir and then with Mr Rohit Pawar, they told me each and every minor information about their shocks and convinced me to install ARC shocks in my Hyundai Verna Fluidic.

So few days back I fitted them and it was just miracle, body roll is completely eliminated, bottoming is totally eliminated, nose dive also eliminated, handling is very agile according to my expectations. And the car just glides over the small speed breakers, bumps, potholes etc. Means the the jerk use to come on small speed breakers as well potholes are completely eliminated. Stability is upto the mark it's phenominal. All the negatives about suspension in fluidic verna are stopped by installing just rear shocks.

        And the most important thing is about delivery of shocks they came in just 2 days after being ordered. The courier service was very excellent beyond the expectations.

      so I'm really thankful to Mr. Pawar for providing me such a excellent shocks and solving the problem of suspension of my verna fluidic. Keep it up to make suspension which revolutionaries the ride of sedan as well all other cars which have issues in them.

       Thank you!

Update After 1 Year


myself Nagarkar Chinmay from Ahmednagar . Now its had been one Year i installed the ARC gas-charged Shock absorber(damper) at the rear in my Hyundai Verna fluidic.

The problem with stock rear suspension Was that spring was too much on the softer Side as well as damper to was unable to absorb the frequency of spring.

This resulted in bouncy, unstable, And poor ride quality of car..with excessive Nose dive even under normal braking.

Later on, I installed the coil spring of Verna Fluidic 4s rear coil spring which was introduced by Hyundai in 2014 Verna too.

Bouncy ness reduced at some extent but not that great which I have expected.

Later on I installed ARC gas-charged shocks And then there was a drastic change in driving

dynamics of the car. Now, far more stable handles great around corners, as well as ride quality Is very much improved.

It's really value for money product with great quality.